Preschool Equipment

Our organization is a trusted name in the domain of manufacturing and wholesaling a wide range of Furniture, Puppets, Head Gears and other Preschool Equipment. Manufactured in compliance with the international quality standards, our range has fine finish. Our range is available in numerous sizes, designs and colors, meeting the requirements of numerous kindergarten schools and music institutions.


We offer the following:

Wooden Educational Toys

School Furniture

Kids Furniture

Educational Toys

Alphabet Letter Toys

Wooden Writing Slate

Pre-School Educational Toys

Educational Aids

Teaching Aids

Learning Toys

Wooden Toys

Teaching Toys

Educational Products

CubesGet Quotation


Educational Equipments

Fruits ToyGet Quotation

Fruits Toy

Slate DusterGet Quotation

Slate Duster

Baby Learning Toys

Nursery Toys

Play School Toys

Kids Toys

Pre School Toys

School Toys

Jigsaw Puzzles

Lion Jigsaw PuzzelGet Quotation

Lion Jigsaw Puzzel

Parrot Jigsaw PuzzleGet Quotation

Parrot Jigsaw Puzzle

Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles


Rectangle PuzzleGet Quotation

Rectangle Puzzle

Monkey PuzzleGet Quotation

Monkey Puzzle

Duck PuzzleGet Quotation

Duck Puzzle

Cat In Basket PuzzleGet Quotation

Cat In Basket Puzzle

Train PuzzleGet Quotation

Train Puzzle

Hockey PuzzleGet Quotation

Hockey Puzzle

Fun Puzzles

Pentagon Fun PuzzleGet Quotation

Pentagon Fun Puzzle

Soldier Fun PuzzleGet Quotation

Soldier Fun Puzzle

Kitchen Fun PuzzleGet Quotation

Kitchen Fun Puzzle

Skater Fun PuzzleGet Quotation

Skater Fun Puzzle

Winter Fun PuzzleGet Quotation

Winter Fun Puzzle

Educational Puzzles

Child Puzzles

Picture Puzzles

Monsoon Child PuzzleGet Quotation

Monsoon Child Puzzle

Hand Puppets

Goat Hand PuppetGet Quotation

Goat Hand Puppet

Dog Hand PuppetGet Quotation

Dog Hand Puppet

King Hand PuppetGet Quotation

King Hand Puppet


Queen PuppetGet Quotation

Queen Puppet

Grand Mother PuppetGet Quotation

Grand Mother Puppet

Expression PuppetGet Quotation

Expression Puppet

Postman PuppetGet Quotation

Postman Puppet

Cinderella PuppetGet Quotation

Cinderella Puppet

Animal Puppets

Zebra Hand PuppetGet Quotation

Zebra Hand Puppet

Giraffe Hand PuppetGet Quotation

Giraffe Hand Puppet

Frog Hand PuppetGet Quotation

Frog Hand Puppet

Birds Puppets

Stork Birds PuppetGet Quotation

Stork Birds Puppet

Duck Birds PuppetGet Quotation

Duck Birds Puppet

Cock Birds PuppetGet Quotation

Cock Birds Puppet

Hen Birds PuppetGet Quotation

Hen Birds Puppet

Crow Birds PuppetGet Quotation

Crow Birds Puppet

Parrot Birds PuppetGet Quotation

Parrot Birds Puppet

Glove Puppets

Clown Glove PuppetGet Quotation

Clown Glove Puppet

Fairy Glove PuppetGet Quotation

Fairy Glove Puppet

Nurse Glove PuppetGet Quotation

Nurse Glove Puppet

Princess Glove PuppetGet Quotation

Princess Glove Puppet

Father Glove PuppetGet Quotation

Father Glove Puppet

Puppets Toy

Doctor Puppet ToyGet Quotation

Doctor Puppet Toy

Thumkin Puppet ToyGet Quotation

Thumkin Puppet Toy

Finger Puppets

Children Apron

Puppet Theater

Pre-School Furniture

Class Room Desks